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About MJR

Our History

Growing up in Conroe since 1970, Jay Adams learned much about the construction process at a young age, from land clearing & logging, to finish carpentry. After spending 16 years in the electrical wholesale industry Jay opened a residential home building and renovation contracting business, dubbed Jay Adams-Builder in January of 1998.

Starting out mainly as a residential general contractor, the business quickly expanded into other areas of construction, such as commercial retail spaces and large-scale industrial projects.

In 6 short years of Jay Adams-Builder, Jay decided it would be best to rebrand to better market the company for projects of interest. That rebranding effort resulted in a name of MJR Services, Inc.

The namesakes of MJR are Jay Adams along with his sons, Matt & Renner Adams. After growing up in and around the business, Matt has followed in Jays footsteps since graduating high school in 2005. Today, Matt runs the daily operations from estimating to Project Management, while also managing the financial aspects of the business. Renner also grew up around the business watching Matt & Jay, and also spent some of his summer days working when necessary. Renner, unfortunately, passed away in September of 2021 at the age of 18, but is still very much a part of the business today through his namesake.

Today, MJR Services offers a wide range of construction capabilities from Design/Build projects, Construction Management, and large-scale commercial & industrial projects of all complexities to Turnkey Metal Building projects.

Since the days of Jay Adams-Builder, MJR Services guarantees the highest levels of integrity, professionalism, and quality.

Matt Adams MJR Services

Matt Adams

Matt grew up around the construction industry, working alongside his father during the summer. He attended Sam Houston State University for 1 year before going into the construction industry full time. He has held sales roles, estimating, project management and superintendent duties for projects ranging from $SOK- $1.SM. He currently managers all aspects of MJR Services.
Taylor Macon MJR Services

Taylor Macon

Taylor has over 20 years experience in commercial construction, specializing in renovations and additions. He will be on site full time and will coordinate and supervise all site related activities. He has an excellent track record based on his ability to complete projects on time and within budget. His years of experience allow him to be proactive and has a keen understanding of critical milestones that can affect a project schedule. Taylor is a true team player that builds long-term relationships with his entire project team.
Jay Adams MJR Services

Jay Adams

Jay began a career doing what he loved to do, carpentry and remodeling. Jay Adams-Builder was a residential home builder and renovation contractor. After growing to take commercial and industrial projects, Jay decided to incorporate the business to MJR Services, Inc. Jay has overseen projects from $5,000-$3.5 million. He enjoys working alongside his son Matt and has turned the operations over to him. In his spare time, Jay tries to get away to the family property near Buffalo, Texas to work with his equipment and enjoy the scenic view.


In order to provide the highest level of quality and service, MJR Services strictly adheres to all safety and regulatory guidelines and standards.  Each one of our projects is designed from the outset with building regulations, industry-specific guidelines, municipal codes, and overall safety standards in mind.

Safe Land USA LogoOccupational Safety and Health Administration 10-Hour Construction Training    DISA, Defense Information Systems Agency   lSNetworld Member Contractor

All Projects Insured and Bonded

Local Affiliations

MJR Services is as much an active member of our community as the individuals, families, and those businesses whose visions we help build to life.

MJR Services, and many members of our team, proudly serve our community through our associations with a variety of local organizations.

We believe that community support and involvement aren’t just important for success–but essential. It is with the entire community that we are able to come together and work on meaningful and fulfilling projects. Together, we can build greatness. In doing so, we’re actively paving the road for our next generation. This is a very exciting time to create . . . and we’re creating as a community.

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Professional Partners

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Core Values

How we got our reputation for the highest quality standards and client satisfaction [note: accompanying testimonials] is no mystery.

The MJR Five Values have guided our mission since 1998.   

Client satisfaction is found in exceeding expectations.

We strive to exceed every expectation and our adherence to the MJR Five Values is what fuels us.


Each one of our projects, regardless of size and scope, is designed and constructed at the highest levels of build quality, project safety, and professionalism.


We want to experience your move-in celebration or ribbon-cutting as much as you. From consulting to move-in day, we will remain steadfast in bringing your vision to life. 


At every stage and level of the process, from design to ribbon-cutting, we will stand by our work to ensure that no part of your vision is missed. Your satisfaction is our ultimate success.


Effective communication makes for clear expectations. We take great pride in remaining in contact with our clients to ensure that expectations are routinely set and updated.  


Since 1998, the MJR Services team has been composed of the most experienced and dedicated professionals in our industry. At every stage and level of the project process, our team operates and executes with utmost professionalism.

Give MJR Services, Inc. a call! Let us help you get your construction project started today!